Greetings Friends, Family, Former Students and Fellow Countrymen from Blacksburg, VA…epicenter of the Hokie World, and future site of the most excellent wine experience in the Commonwealth! It’s your friendly neighborhood Boyer here, and I want to cordially invite you to share our experience and to respectfully solicit your support for our wine themed lounge named Blacksburg Wine Lab! I know, right? It’s about time I finally got around to opening a bar here in the ‘Burg, and this thing is going to be an absolute delight of the senses, in all respects!
What is Blacksburg Wine Lab going to be? Well, I am not known for brevity, but here on our first introductory blog page, let me refer to the pre-pared elevator pitch, with more details to come in the future:
John Boyer and Katie Pritchard are opening a wine bar named Blacksburg Wine Lab that will offer the area a totally new experience: high-quality, unique wines and tapas combined with a experimental approach that focuses on introducing clients to lesser-known wines of the world, while educating their minds and their palates. This will occur in an elegant yet comfortable atmosphere in which professors, students, business people, patrons of the arts, and young professionals come together to dine, meet friends/colleagues, or just have a light libation after work. It will also have an educational mission to spread wine knowledge and wine appreciation through weekly events, guest speakers, and even a YouTube channel featuring all of the happenings of the place and the wines consumed in it. 
 We are seeking to generate some serious dollars toward the establishment of Wine Lab through a combination of a Kickstarter promotion, investment from multiple private investors, a term bank loan, along with us kicking in a ton o’ cash ourselves. We figure we need to raise a quarter mil to do this thing proper, and hope you all might help us along this path, in both support and your eventual patronage! Was that too forward? Oh well, in vino veritas, as the saying goes! 
Because this is truth I am spouting, and truth we soon shall be drinking! This, our official page, will document the entire process from concept, to fundraising, to demolition of the space, to design and planning, through construction, and eventual opening…which is currently slated for July 4th! Why July 4th? Why not? This is ‘Murica! 
Give us a shout out if you want to learn more about our Blacksburg Wine Lab plan, about becoming a high-roller investor, or just want to give us your voice of support!  Keep tuning in to the updates on our page to learn more, share your ideas and opinions, and follow the journey from abstract idea all the way to witnessing the first glass of wine being served on site! This will be an adventure to remember….over a glass or two of the nectar of the gods!
As always, keep it raucous like Bacchus,
-John Boyer and Katie Pritchard